Our Family Wizard


Our Family Wizard is a website that “offers divorced or separated parents an array of tools to easily schedule child custody and track parenting time, share important family information, manage expenses as well as create an accurate, clear log of divorce communication.” OFW website.

Over the course of my decade worth of experience in the field of divorce, there are common themes that often get clients in trouble with the Court. The Court dislikes it when parties refuse to communicate with one another regarding issues related to children and when parties engage in inappropriate communication with one another. Even for parents who do get along, the logistics of co-parenting can be very difficult. Our Family Wizard effectively addresses many problems that parties and their attorneys face in Court related to communication, expense sharing, and cuts down on the he said/she said dynamic that inevitably occurs in every divorce case.

I first became aware of this tool when it was court ordered in a California case in which I represented a party who was the protected party to a restraining order. I learned that the Judge who presided over domestic violence cases, routinely mandated parties use Our Family Wizard.

Check it out, it really is a great tool. If you are able to increase communication and co-parenting becomes easier, ultimately your child will reap the benefits.


* I have no financial incentive from promoting this product.